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Ivar’s cervical injury might require surgery

Ivar suffered a cervical injury on Raw this week (Sept. 7) in a tag team match against The Hurt Business. He dove through the ropes onto Bobby Lashley, and then held up the X sign himself to indicate that something was wrong. The match ended shortly after that moment, and Ivar later commented on his health.

Early word going around is that the injury was a stinger, but Dave Meltzer has provided an update that makes it sound worse than that. Here are the latest details on Ivar’s status, according to Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio:

“It has not been determined whether or not he will need surgery. It’s a significant injury. Once you say that, it tells you it’s not just like a stinger where you’re gonna come back in two weeks. It’s probably a lot worse than that. It’s not determined yet, but it’s absolutely, as of today, a possibility.”

There are still plenty of details that we don’t know, but it doesn’t sound like we’ll see Ivar wrestling in the short-term.

We’ll continue sending our best wishes and turkey legs his way while he is on the road to recovery.

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