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Rusev meant every word he said about Vince McMahon’s imaginary brass ring

Miro debuted for AEW on last night’s (Sept. 9) episode of Dynamite. WWE fans know him better as Rusev, and he cut a promo on WWE telling them to take their brass ring and stick it up their ass.

After his debut, Miro then recorded the above 4-minute video to clarify that his words were real. He meant everything he said about the glass ceiling and imaginary brass ring in WWE. He’s thrilled to be in AEW now. Seeing his old trainer (Billy Gunn) right there during his debut was a minor thing that meant so much to him. The reason he came to this country was to be a professional wrestler, and he’s looking forward to starting over in a new company without all the restrictions that held him back in WWE. He made sure to joke about having experience with pro wrestling weddings, which is the subject of his first angle in AEW.

Just one month ago, Rusev painted a frustrating picture of how WWE dropped the ball with his extremely popular Rusev Day gimmick, and how his love for pro wrestling was severely damaged by that experience. So it’s great to see him with a smile on his face and being genuinely excited to show the world what he’s capable of inside a pro wrestling ring.

Are you excited to see Miro on AEW Dynamite going forward?

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