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Next time some jabroni asks what a jabroni is, tell ‘em to look it up in the dictionary

Is there nothing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can’t do? Sports. Entertainment. Business. Movies. Television. The internet. Clothing.

Now he’s changing the dang language...

Okay, the word “jabroni” is an inside wrestling insult that’s been around for a while. And Iron Sheik threw it around in promos long before The Rock did. But you do have to recognize the Great One’s influence over pop culture. It’s not even the first time his gift of gab’s updated our vernacular. Webster’s put “smackdown” in the dictionary back in 2007 because he popularized it.

Now, if Rocky accomplished this off his past glory, imagine what he’ll be capable of as a trailblazing, lalalala, superhero movie-starring, XFL-owning, People’s Champ?

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