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Rey Mysterio’s injury reportedly legit

The triceps tear injury WWE announced for Rey Mysterio last night (Aug. 31) is legitimate, according to a report from Wrestling Observer.

Dave Meltzer says “the word going around” is that Mysterio suffered a partial tear during his tag match with son Dominik against Seth Rollins & Murphy at Payback on Sunday. Since it’s not a full tear, he’s not expected to need surgery. Rehab is expected to keep him out for two months, but possibly less.

That’s good news. It also makes it a little more likely the 45 year old can remain an on-screen presence for Dominik while he’s out, at least in backstage interviews and non-physical segments.

Rey just recently re-signed with WWE. The length of the contract wasn’t officially announced, but Meltzer indicated it was a three-year deal. The company was well aware of the lucha legend’s injury history, so this possibility was almost certainly accounted for in negotiations.

No matter. Join us in wishing Mysterio a speedy and complete recovery.