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WWE NXT results, live blog (Sept. 1, 2020): 4Way Iron Man title match

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday Tuesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight: Finn Bálor, Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole & Tommaso Ciampa will take 60 minutes to determine which of them becomes a two-time NXT champion when they face off in a 4Way Iron Match! Plus, new Tag champs Breezango team with Swerve Scott for a Street Fight against Cruiserweight king Santos Escobar & Legado Del Fantasma, Timothy Thatcher & Bronson Reed go one-on-one, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)

Enjoy the show!


We start with the highlight reel from last week, which transitions into hype for tonight’s title fight. Then the presumably new announce team of Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett, and Beth Phoenix welcome us to Full Sail.

Legado Del Fantasma vs. Breezango & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

During the faces entrance, the heels attack, launching first Raul Mendoza then Joaquin Wilde at Swerve & the tag champs. There’s plunder all around the ring for this street fight. Scott turns the tide by reversing an Irish whip and sending Mendoza head first into a steel chair he’d set up in the ropes. Tyler Breeze & Fandango have similar success, and the tables are turned. Dango spins a ladder around and takes our Wilde, Mendoza and Cruiserweight champ Santos Escobar with it. The good guys are having fun, and Swerve gets the first nearfall off a kick to Raul’s head with a trash can. Prince Pretty hits all three of his opponents with a fire extinguisher blast as we go to commercial.

When we return, Fandango’s been put through a table. We see highlights of how Legado Del Fantasma regained the advantage. Swerve gets free and hits Mendoza with a flatliner, but he’s punched off the apron by Escobar a second later. Arrow From The Depths of Hell! On the other side of the ring, Wilde and Mendoza back Breeze up the ramp, and her comes Imperium. After a moment of hesitation, all four put the boots to Tyler. They bring him in the ring, and the camera pans back to see Dango & Scott are on a raised pallet on a forklift! They wipe everyone out with dives!

With the ring cleared, it leaves Swerve and Escobar alone. JML Driver!

Breezango & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott def. Legado Del Fantasma via pinfall

Scott climbs and celebrates on the forklift.

We see Johnny Gargano getting ready for the main event before more ads.

After a pitch for the undeniably good cause of fighting pediatric cancer, Tegan Nox gets a video telling her side of the Candice LeRae beef. She plays up their friendship like LeRae did last week, and says she’s struggling with Candice now that she’s following the Gargano Way. But sisters fight, and Tegan still hopes they can work it out over a glass of wine.

Candice LeRae vs. Kacy Catanzaro

Kayden Carter is out with the American Ninja Warrior legend. They hug before the match, and LeRae looks disgusted. She looks to take the fight to Catanzaro, but Kacy holds her own until the Poison Pixie catches her in the ropes and nails an elevated neckbreaker. She drop kicks her to the floor a second later. Carter checks on her friend, Candice follows to throw Catanzaro in and confront Kayden. That lets Kacy drop LeRae, but she’s in trouble again a second later. An angry Catanzaro lights Candice up with kicks in the corner, and nails her with the somersault kick for two. The veteran fights back, hitting Super Dragon’s curb stomp to end it.

Candice LeRae def. Kacy Catanzaro via pinfall

Mrs. Wrestling gets a mic. She was distracted during the match because she was jealous of Kayden & Carter’s friendship. She’s upset about what’s happened between her & Tegan. Candice invites her to her house to talk it out. Dinner’s on her.

Rhea Ripley gets a backstage promo, pissed off about Mercedes Martinez not learning her lesson when she powerbombed her onto concrete. She challenges Robert Stone’s client to a steel cage match!

Bronson Reed vs. Timothy Thatcher

Reed’s power gives him the advantage in the initial lock-ups. Clothesline puts the Thicc Boi down. Thatcher focuses his technical knowledge on Auzilla’s arm. He unwisely decided to turn that into a striking exchange and gets the worse of it. Reed with a dive, but after he throws Thatch back in, Austin Theory attacks him! He sends Bronson back in, Thatcher grabs the Fujiwara armbar! Reed tries to roll through and escape, but Tim holds on and gets the win.

Timothy Thatcher def. Bronson Reed via submission

We see Adam Cole talking with Undisputed ERA and Tommaso Ciampa warming up before we get some more commercials.

Mercedes Martinez gets a quick promo to say she’s all about fighting. She’s down for a cage fight with Rhea next Tuesday.

Johnny Gargano vs. Finn Balor vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Adam Cole

Each man arrives alone (which is really only newsworthy for Cole, and maybe Gargano). We take a break after entrances and before the bell.

The bell comes right at 9 p.m. Eastern. Johnny rolls out, and Ciampa goes right at Cole. Tommaso & Finn take turns attacking each other so they can stomp him. Ciampa blasts Balor & his old tag partner with knees that knock off the apron, then two more that blast them into the barricade. Cole tries to get the drop on him, and ends up getting blasted himself. It’s finally Balor who recovers to take out the Blackheart. They head to the ring for some one-on-one.

Ciampa is on his feet after an exchange with Finn when Cole rolls in to throw him out. Then it’s the Prinxe and the Playboy’s turn for singles action. Gargano recovers and finally gets in the mix, he drops Finn and works to get his submission on Cole. He mocks the Undisputed ERA pose, and then kicks the group’s leader in the back of the elbow, “hyperextending” it. Rest hold, but Cole is hot and runs wild. He hits a neckbreaker, but with his bad arm so he can’t follow up. Johnny to the side, Finn’s turn to work with Cole again. He tries for the first fall on Finn but only gets one, then takes a minute to stomp Ciampa back out of the ring. That gives Balor a chance to run wild, sending Cole to the floor and getting two on Ciampa with an elbow to his chest. Rest hold, and time for commercials.

When we return, falcon arrow to Cole gets two for Johnny, then a frustrated Gargano punches him down in the corner. He runs into a pump kick, then a backbreaker gets two on Gargano! Balor and Ciampa run in, and everyone is down after Cole and Ciampa trade an enziguri for a knee to the head. Tommaso up first, but Cole up first. He climbs, but Balor throws Ciampa shoulder first into his crotch... ow! Finn fights and climbs for a superplex, Ciampa sneaks in for the Tower of Doom spot! Gargano picks the bones, pulls his old partner groin first into the ring post! But he can’t keep anyone down for three!

The Wednesday Knight focuses on Finn as the other two men clear the ring. He sets up for some running offense but Balor evades, and ends an exchange with 1916! One, two, NO! He tries to follow up with Coup de Grace, but Gargano moves. Ciampa runs in to slam Finn but only gets two. We head to picture-in-picture for the first time. Cole arrives with a kick to Tommaso’s head. He lowers the knee pad for last shot, but Ciampa grabs his leg to stop him. Johnny with a superkick. He grabs Garga-No Escape. Tommaso in for the armbar on Finn! Shades of #DIY! Both their targets get to the ropes for the break though. That’s where we are when we return to full screen.

The old friends and rivals back into one another, and try to figure out what to do. Cole and Balor interrupt that reunion though. The throw them to the floor and Cole offers a Too Sweet. Finn accepts, but then hits TUE’s leader in the back. He dives onto Cole and Gargano. Offense on the outside, then he throws Cole in. Coup de Grace!

Finn Balor (1) pins Adam Cole

The Prinxe gets Johnny into the ring and works to get another pin on Gargano while the announcers debate whether he should try to pad his lead or just play defense for the next 30+ minnutes. Ciampa rushes in, gets put down, and Balor just stomps their chests for a while. Gargano rolls out, Cole gets on the apron and gets knocked down, then we go PiP again. Finn with the headlock on Tommaso. He fights back, putting Finn down and targeting Cole. Project Ciampa to him. Cover, but Johnny breaks it up! Project Ciampa to him! Cover, but Finn breaks it up! More action, and when we return the big screen, the Blackheart is all alone in the ring. He rolls out to try the slingshot into the ring frame on Cole, but Balor stops that! He stomps on Cole a bit, but Ciampa recovers. Willow’s Bell on Finn! Fairy Tale Ending! Cover, but Gargano swoops in and throws him off!

Johnny Gargano (1) pins Finn Balor

Gargano tries for another quick fall on Finn, but Ciampa is back in. Cole recovers and cleans house. He goes for Last Shot but gets hit with an enziguri. Things break down, superkicks for everyone from Cole. He gets Johnny lined up for Panama Sunrise and...

Adam Cole (1) pins Johnny Gargano

Cole’s turn to try for another quick one, but Finn pulls him out. Ciampa in for a knee to Gargano and his first fall, but can only get two. He gets Johnny and Cole lined up for a double Willow’s Bell, then hits Cole with Fairy Tale Ending.

Tommaso Ciampa (1) pins Adam Cole

Everyone is down as we’re all square. Everyone struggles to their feet. They take turn wailing on one another as it’s brawl time. Johnny and Adam fight on the floor; Tommaso and Finn in the ring. Both tandems hit each other with the same move at the same time (clotheslines inside, superkicks outside), and everyone is down again at 19 minutes left. Hard whip from Ciampa onto Finn and tries multiple times to cover but can only get one. Running knee to the head in the corner, then another one. Cole shows up before he can cover, and gets forearmed off the apron. Ciampa pauses to send Gargano, then Cole into the barricade. Clap and self-back pat, then he brings Cole to the apron. Cole fights him off and puts Ciampa down with front kicks. Pat McAfee’s nemesis climbs, but gets caught by Tommaso. Ciampa sets up for super air raid crash, but Cole slips out and kicks him in the back of the knee. He’s writhing in pain as we go small screen. Cole with the leg lock, but Balor in to stomp him before a decision. He tries the same move, but this time he’s stopped by Cole. Setting up for the figure floor, Ciampa rolls him up for two, but then Adam gets the hold anyway. He fights and holds on long enough for Johnny to run in... and turn the figure four over on Cole while locking Garga-No Escape on Ciampa! Cool spot, but it’s not long before Finn breaks it up. He’s chopping all three men in the corners when we come back to full screen for the final push.

Snap suplex gets Balor two on Gargano. He tries to whip Ciampa, but his knee gives out. Finn turns back to Johnny for a few stomps, then puts the single leg crab on Tommaso’s bad wheel. He drags himself to the bottom rope as we head under the ten minute mark.

Finn kicks Cole in the face when he tries to get back in the ring. Drop kick to Ciampa, then he climbs for Coup de Grace. Gargano catches him but can’t stop him, but it’s long enough for Tommaso to evade. Balor lands to take superkicks from Cole & Gargano at the same time. Johnny’s in the ring alone, and chooses to dive onto Ciampa... then onto Cole! He tries to hit Finn with one, but gets caught. They tussle there, and that ends with Gargano hitting the tornado DDT on the floor as we go PiP one more time.

It’s mostly checking on those two on the floor during these ads. Gargano isn’t able to drag Finn into the ring, so he heads inside to meet Cole. Superkick from the Undisputed star gets two. They trade shots from their knees. The familiar foes jaw at one another, which leads to Johnny punching Cole in the face a lot. We return to the big screen for a superkick attempt by Gargano that’s caught. Cole answers with two, but misses Last Shot. Johnny grabs Garga-No Escape! Cole fights, but Johnny rolls through and keeps the hold, but close enough that Ciampa can grab them and drag them to the floor. Tommaso with punches for everyone at the floor with only minutes left.

He suplexes Cole on the floor, then sends Finn head first into the plexiglass. Ciampa goes to gather Johnny and Gargano comes to to fight back. The Blackheart hits the under ring slingshot! In the ring with a cover, but Cole pulls him out! Ciampa punches him out, cover, but Finn pulls him out. He kicks their asses on the floor, heads in to pin Johnny... inside cradle! One, two, NO! 90 seconds left!

Ciampa stalks Gargano. Chop in the corner, then sets him up top. Johnny is not cooperating he’s so loopy. Tommaso to the middle of the ring. Air Raid Crash! But Finn swoops in, Coup de Grace, and steals it!

Finn Balor (2) pins Tommaso Ciampa

The Prinxe is celebrating as the clock is under ten second. Cole races in. Last Shot! He struggles to roll him over, and the count starts at 3 on the clock.

Adam Cole (2) pins Finn Balor

Those two bicker as the announcers check the replay. General Manager William Regal races in to separate them. He declares a tie, and on Super Tuesday II, it’ll be one fall to the finish to determine the champ.

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