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Goldberg is keeping a future Roman Reigns match alive

During a recent interview with American Monster Productions, Goldberg was talking about his pro wrestling character and everything that goes into the making of that character. Generally speaking, he believes it takes a different kind of person to go from granting a wish for the Make-A-Wish foundation to being a violent animal in the ring.

Fair enough!

Part of his process, though, is headbutting lockers and generally doing things you wouldn’t typical advise anyone to do. It was an early shot in his feud with Roman Reigns leading up to their planned match at WrestleMania 36 — a match that didn’t happen when Reigns took a hiatus from WWE due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Reigns, you’ll remember, jokingly called him stupid for it.

It’s been a number of months, and there’s no sign of either Reigns or Goldberg coming back to WWE but the latter is keeping a future match alive by firing back once again (HT: Bleacher Report):

“Roman, you’re a joke, first of all. Second of all, when he ragged on me about headbutting the doors and stuff, you know, I never really explained my whole thought process on that. For you guys to get the character that you got, I had to do certain things. Well, one of them was headbutt the door. Right? And that may, on the outside, look like a stupid move, but as I mentioned, we all weigh the positives and negatives, so it’s very positive to make it as violent as humanly possible, and as real as humanly possible, and all the negative is you lose a little blood and hey, man, you get another concussion and cut a week off your life.”

That last part is astoundingly irresponsible, but on brand for the character he’s describing himself as playing.

Now we’ll question if he’ll be playing that character again in a WWE ring opposite Reigns at some point in the future. If so, they’ll have more material to work with!

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