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Big E cut a promo for those who say he has to get serious for a singles run

Will Big E’s singles run - which started two weeks ago when Kofi Kingston went out with an injury while Xavier Woods was already home rehabbing from Achilles surgery - be a success?

I don’t know. It’s only consisted of one match and some promos thus far. So it’s too early to tell how committed WWE is to it.

But I do know that he’s shown no signs of buying into the notion that he needs to ditch the goofier elements of his personality and “get serious” in order to break out as a solo star. His promo on the Aug. 7 SmackDown (embedded above) proves that.

For me, it also demonstrates that he’s right. E doesn’t have to stop rolling down the ramp, or drop the cheeky double-entendres. He’d be silly to flip a switch and stop doing what got The New Day over in the first place.

He also shows he can downplay it when necessary, though. We’ve knew that already, really. When the Princes of Positivity’s backs were against the wall against groups like The Wyatts, or when things got particularly intense in their epic rivalry with The Usos, it was often E’s fire that signaled the fun and games were over.

A version of that happens here. In between owning his fun-loving past and getting Kayla Braxton to do the “New. Day. Rocks.” chant, E talks about the responsibility he feels to the fans & his brothers. Those things aren’t a burden, however. They’re an inspiration. That helps reminds us he’s a guy we’d want in our corner, a friend we’d want by our side.

It’s why we’ll cheer for him. But we’ll also cheer for him because he’s a goofball who makes us laugh.

Big E is the whole package. He’s proving it again while he’s on his own.

Now get behind him WWE, and push this man to the mountaintop.

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