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Shayna Baszler dislocated a jaw with a paper plate

Shayna Baszler’s background in mixed martial arts means that she can kick my ass in at least one thousand different ways. And some of those ways definitely involve a paper plate.

That’s what I learned when Ruby Riott appeared on The Bump and told a story about the time that Shayna Baszler knocked her jaw out of place with a paper plate.

“A lot of people just genuinely knew how dangerous she was and how dangerous she could be...When we finally did work with each other, she went to hit me and she stepped on a paper plate and she slid, and she almost fell. She was kind of embarrassed. So she took that paper plate and she put it on the end of her hand, and she smacked the life out of me, and knocked my jaw out of place with a paper plate. And I looked down and was like, was that a paper plate? I couldn’t move my jaw. So that is Shayna’s secret weapon, is a paper plate...just open hand with a paper plate, this woman can knock my jaw out of place. That’s how strong she is, so that was slightly terrifying.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m not picking a fight with Shayna Baszler any time soon.

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