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Mustafa Ali can’t even win on Main Event

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Mustafa Ali’s recent return to WWE television started on a high note, with a pin over the self-proclaimed United States champion MVP, but it’s gone quickly downhill since then.

Ali tapped out one week later on Raw when he was caught in Bobby Lashley’s masterlock full nelson. It’s not a good sign for a babyface to tap out so quickly after returning, but it’s not the end of the world considering Lashley is in the middle of a big push.

But things got worse for Ali this week. He didn’t even make it onto the three hour episode of Raw. He instead competed against Riddick Moss on Main Event. And Riddick Moss beat him.

Yeah, Mustafa Ali is losing on Main Event two weeks after his big return.

With that in mind, Ali was recently interviewed on WWE’s The Bump, where he explained that telling stories is more important to him than winning matches:

“I’m a very unique superstar in the sense that it’s not about wins and championships for me. I don’t have the best win-loss record here in WWE. I’ve never held a championship in WWE despite being with the company since 2016. And that is not me complaining at all. The thing that I am craving for, the thing that I am asking for, the thing that I want is to tell a story.

And I can sit here and tell everybody I have not had that opportunity yet...all these chances to tell a story and to show who I am, weren’t told. As a performer that’s frustrating. I don’t need championships. I don’t need wins. I’m just craving for the opportunity to tell a story. I feel like I’m one of the best in the world at it, and once I get a chance to do it, it’s gonna be something that people talk about for years to come.”

This sounds to me like cover for someone who was just recently throwing molotov cocktails at a generator at the WWE Performance Center. That angle will surely be talked about for, well, at least days to come.

What do you think is next for Mustafa Ali in his WWE career?