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Marty Jannetty: ‘I said he disappeared, I didn’t say I killed him’

Marty Jannetty posted a bizarre story on Facebook yesterday where it sounded like he murdered a man who tried to molest him when he was 13 years old. A police investigation was started in response to his story, and now Jannetty is trying to clarify what exactly happened. Here is how he described the situation to the Boston Wrestling Sports show.

He first goes on about misleading headlines that, according to him, falsely claimed he admitted to murder:

“I said he disappeared, I didn’t say I killed him. I said he disappeared.”

Jannetty describes the scene in a little bit of detail. There was a weed exchange inside the man’s car, and then the man inappropriately groped him. Marty fled the car, but the man chased him and pinned him on the ground in broad daylight, attempting to unzip his pants. That’s when Jannetty explains how he escaped:

“There was a brick laying there...what do you do when you’re 13?”

“I can’t say he deserved to die, but he deserved to get his ass beat. And when I was beating him in the head with a brick, I was only trying to beat his ass, I wasn’t trying to kill him.”

“My brother Geno, bad boy, not one to mess with. And I never could tell him, ‘cause I know what he would have done if I told him. But I already took care of it myself...No other kids never had to worry about him.”

Jannetty then turns the story into a disturbing lesson about how he can’t stand jealousy, and how that’s the only reason he even told this story to begin with.

“Can you imagine dragging him to the river and throwing him in? And then finding out on the news this guy is missing? And you know the dude. And you know more than that...I made my mind up that day...nobody would ever hurt me again. And that comes with jealousy. My girlfriends are jealous. I can’t stand jealousy, and I was just trying to let her know that.”

This mostly sounds to me like the description of a man who died on the scene, but Marty wants you to know that’s not what he’s saying:

“I’m not saying right now that he died, but I’m just saying a person don’t need to die because they’re fucked up in the head.”

Finally, he reveals some advice that a friend offered him:

“Somebody told me not to do any interviews...”

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