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Raw Underground was a big hit with women, younger demos

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The folks who watch pro wrestling all the time gave Raw Underground mixed reviews, but WWE isn’t terribly worried about people like me who tune in already. They’re trying to bring in new viewers, and especially those under 50.

We’d already seen how the promotion of new elements for the Aug. 3 Raw helped the overall viewership numbers. Post Wrestling has details on how much better this week’s third hour - which contained the bulk of the Raw Underground segments - did compared to the week prior. And there are some eye-popping numbers.

Now, the July 27 Raw had the least watched third hour in the show’s history, so keep that in mind. Still, it’s clear people, and especially younger and female audiences, were intrigued by what Shane McMahon & WWE were pushing.

  • Adults 18-49: +24%
  • Females 18-49: +54%
  • Males 18-49: +9%
  • Adults 18-34: +82%
  • Females 12-34: +237.5%
  • Males 12-34: +86%
  • Adults 25-54: +15%
  • Adults 50+: -6.5%

Did what they saw entertain them enough to get them to come back for another trip to the Underground? Or was this a one-hit wonder?

WWE’s already made it clear the concept will be back, and it’s easy to see why. Whether or not it retains these viewers will tell us how long it sticks around.

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