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Banks vs. Carano might be off, but Bayley vs. Young is now a hair match

Last night, two rivalries kicked off on Twitter - both involving The Two Woman Power Trip and a non-pro wrestler.

Today, one of those looks like it might already be over. But the other is escalating...

Despite her credentials as a pioneer of women’s MMA and an action star (seriously, if you haven’t, watch Haywire. If you have, watch it again), Gina Carano doesn’t seem to want any part of Sasha Banks.

Unless their fellow Mandalorian star Katee Sackhoff gets involved. Then Cara Dune might be down for a covert op.

No one is backing down in the CM Punk-booked Bayley vs. Renee Young program, however. The Role Model and Mrs. Moxley remain on a collision course for Raw Underground, and it looks like only one of them will leave Shane McMahon’s subterranean scene with a whole new look!


Who else is psyched for Raw Underground’s battle of the bobs? And/or season two of The Mandalorian?

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