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Is Montez Ford okay or...?

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw was wacky for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most bizarre storyline involved Montez Ford.

The Street Profits were booked in singles matches against the men who will challenge them for the Raw tag team titles at SummerSlam, Angel Garza and Andrade, respectively. Angelo Dawkins went first, and he lost his match to Garza because, well, I’ll let WWE explain it:

Dawkins put up a good fight, but Garza walked away victorious after Montez Ford collapsed at ringside, causing Dawkins to turn his attention to his partner. Unfortunately, Dawkins turned back into a superkick and dropkick to the head from The Lethal Lothario.

Despite the fact that Ford collapsed ringside, he was allowed to wrestle just minutes later. We were told medical personnel checked him out during a commercial break and cleared him to compete.


Here’s how that played out, again from WWE:

Though there was cause for concern after Montez Ford collapsed at ringside during Dawkins’ match, Ford was initially able to compete, and he looked to be extra fired up in battling Andrade. However, when Ford appeared to be on his way to victory, he again collapsed inside the ring, leaving the referee with no choice but to call the match. It was later revealed that doctors believe Ford may have been poisoned earlier in the night, which sent his wife Bianca Belair into a rage, as she accused Zelina Vega and her charges of this heinous act, something Vega vehemently denied.

Amazingly enough, WWE has yet to provide an update on Ford after all this. He was poisoned to the point that he collapsed in the ring and the company has yet to send out any kind of update on his condition.

Every day, early in the morning, Ford tweets this:

I had to post the entry from Aug. 3 because, you guessed it, there is no entry for Aug. 4.

Dawkins put this out:

His wife put this out:

I guess he’s okay then? But, again, still no official update.

Chaos, indeed.

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