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WWE’s new faction now has a name


WWE spoiled its own show early in the day on Monday, making clear a new faction would debut on this week’s episode of Raw. Said faction did debut, but not in the traditional sense.

There were production issues all throughout the broadcast and we found out late in the show that it was because of the actions of this new faction, who threw some molotov cocktails at a generator. They were wearing disguises and their identities were never revealed.

Which makes one wonder how exactly WWE knew they would be showing up to do this to report on it at all.

Now, in another confusing turn, WWE is reporting this new faction has a name: RETRIBUTION. It appears it will be stylized that way, in all caps. Again, it’s unclear how WWE learned this — does RETRIBUTION have a spokesperson leaking this to get the word out? — but here we are.

Like the name? Excited at all for the future of this?

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