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Drew McIntyre says Raw’s ratings woes don’t bring him down

Wrestling history is full of accounts about the pressures of being a company’s champion and main event star. Eddie Guerrero was so stressed out by the decline in PPV buys during his WWE title reign he said he was relieved when JBL beat him for the belt.

How does current WWE champ Drew McIntyre feel, knowing that the low ratings for Raw are a topic of conversation from Wall Street to Hollywood?

McIntyre answered that question for TV Insider’s Scott Fishman:

“It doesn’t bring me down. I’ve been through so much. The ups and downs in my career. Some really low points. I don’t let it get to me or distract me from the goal at home. I know a lot of previous champions have let it get to them. They’ve suffered in their personal life as a result and lashed out on social media. I don’t allow it to get to me from that standpoint. Our WWE Universe, our audience is such a big part of the show. We’re all just giving it all we can. I know we’re learning through this period.

“The audience that has stuck around are getting to learn about the characters on a deeper level. I think because of this when we get back into the arenas, the viewership will grow. I think we will reach new heights to be honest because we’re going to have so many compelling characters. A lot of superstars are maximizing their opportunity in this environment. Right now you can really develop your character on a deeper level through this unique lens. I think when we do get back in the arenas they will attract the attention of fans. I hear what is going on. I see what’s going on social media. Things are gong well there, but they can also be better. Once we get back to normal, I think we’ll reach new heights as a company.“

Drew’s sticking to the company line, and there’s definitely some truth to it. Wrestling isn’t as good a TV product without fans in the seats. Acknowledging that is smart, especially when combined with a customer-friendly response.

It’s also very healthy to not internalize something he doesn’t have much control over. It’s clear the effort is there on his part - he’s not phoning anything in because of the pandemic. As he says, his experiences help him keep things in perspective, and not blame himself.

Will anyone else blame him, though? As has been pointed out, his boss Vince McMahon is running out of scapegoats? Could McIntyre be next?

The entire interview with TV Insider is an example of why he shouldn’t be. Check it out here, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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