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Is WWE throwing Dominik Mysterio in the deep end of the pool?

He sent Seth Rollins running like a proverbial scalded dog for the second week in a row. Now, Dominik Mysterio will get his wish - a chance to avenge his father’s thankfully-not-too-badly-damaged eyeball at SummerSlam.

Having your first televised match on a Big 4 PPV against a Grand Slam champion? It’s a lot for Rey’s son to take on, even for someone who grew up in the business and has been training with the best teachers in the business for several years now.

Is it too much?

We’ll have to trust the folks around Dominik for now, and see how it plays out on Sun., Aug. 23. But I’d say there’s a good argument that it is not too much for the 21 year old.

For starters, it’s not like anyone expects him to work a straight-forward singles match of any significant length. His dad and Murphy will be involved, along with possibly Aleister Black and maybe some of these new factions we’re hearing about. For however long it will be one-on-one, he’s got a talented veteran dance partner in Rollins - who also happens to run his own wrestling school.

We’ll see where SummerSlam takes place, but it still seems like a long-shot Vince McMahon will be able to have real fans in attendance at the show. Even if he somehow makes that happen, WWE could go the cinematic route with Prince Mysterio (and can we hurry up and change his name to that?) vs. The Monday Night Messiah. Even if the entire match isn’t shot in advance, the action could spill to the back to allow portions of it to be.

Really, aside from it being in the spotlight of one of the biggest events on WWE’s calendar, this is a pretty perfect time for Dominik’s first match.

Now, should Rollins be selling this much for a rookie, no matter his lineage? That’s a whole ‘nother discussion...

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