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Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan are reunited, now they need a new name (and some gold)

Last night on Raw, good guy Kevin Owens used his show-within-a-show like it was Oprah*. That allowed Liv Morgan & Ruby Riott to repair their relationship enough to reunite and beat up IIconics.

It wasn’t perfect. For my money, it went on a little too long. Ruby’s acting wasn’t quite up to pulling off her tearful explanation for attacking Morgan when she returned from injury, and Liv’s promo delivery is still in the boilerplate WWE style that makes everyone sound like everyone else. But it was pretty darn good, and much better than I think anyone expected when Riott couldn’t pick up a win and Morgan was adrift after winning their quick feud.

Where does it leave them? They’re continuing the healing process...

They expanded on those general ideas on Raw Talk, and addressed a couple of specific things.

Their team name:

Morgan: We wouldn’t be called The Riott Squad, I don’t think. What do you think about that Ru?

Riott: I think we’ve got some stuff to talk about. I mean, everything is still really fresh.

And their aspirations:

Riott: Once we’ve solidified our trust, and once we’ve solidified this team again and have formed this team, I think we’ll be better than ever, to be honest. I see gold in our future if we can make this right.

The Tag titles thing sounds good - hopefully elevate some talented performers in a program that solidifies their friendship while Sasha Banks & Bayley’s slowly unravels.

As for a name, I still like Riott Squad. Or maybe I’m just used to it?


* Hey, maybe KO can replace Ellen?

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