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Raw’s new faction debuted by throwing fire at a generator

First by rumor, then by an official WWE report, the arrival of a new faction was promoted for the Aug. 3 Raw. The mysterious group was going to cause chaos as part of a plan to get WWE to change its ways.

Throughout the night, “technical difficulties” like flickering lights and microphones cutting out mid-promo plagued the show. Charly Caruso earnestly reported on the curious case of a box that got knocked over backstage. Someone drugged Montez Ford (although Angel Garza & Andrade are the leading suspects in that case, at least according to Detective Bianca Belair).

Then, we got this...

Tom Phillips doesn’t seem too concerned. Probably cause he read on they were coming.

Antifa references & jokes were plentiful online last night, because, well, we don’t need to explain it. But despite the group looking like they stepped out of a Fox News-produced reenactment of a night in Portland, we continue to hear the angle isn’t intended to be political.

Reports also indicated WWE would slowly roll out the new faction and keep the identities of its members secret, and so far so good on that front. We don’t know their motives. There are five of them, and one of them sounds like a woman, and they celebrate their mischief like the guys from Jackass after someone staples something to their balls, and...

Anyway, pretty much everything about the introduction of this new group was weird. We’ll see where it goes.

Give us your thoughts and theories below.

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