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WWE Payback 2020 results: Dominik gets a win, Seth may lose a disciple

The saga of the Mysterios vs. Seth Rollins came to us on PPV from WWE ThunderDome for the second Sunday in a row on Aug. 30. At Payback, it was tag action pitting the father & son duo against Rollins and his Greater Good disciple Murphy.

Dominik Mysterio continued to impress in only his second WWE match, and he and Rey took the action to the heels in the early going. It wasn’t long until Rey - who’s had his eye “taken” and his son beaten in this program - was baited into a double-team on the floor. He got free, but Dom’s hot tag didn’t go as planned. His crossbody was caught, and turned into a falcon arrow from Rollins.

It was Dom’s turn to play face-in-peril. The son got free where his father got in trouble, and after sending Murphy crashing into the barricade crawled back to his corner for a tag. Dad’s house afire act went better than his boy’s, but he couldn’t put the Monday Night Messiah away.

A fourway brawl led to Rollins almost ending things, but Dominik saved him. That led to the heels beating Dom down on the outside and attempting to end Rey with a headkick. But a malfunction at the junction meant Murphy kicked Seth in the head. The lucha legend and his legacy showed out, and a frogsplash from the younger Mysterio allowed him to pin Murphy.

Rollins will have another chance tomorrow night against Rey. But he might be alone after he disgustedly left Murphy at ringside after the match.

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