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WWE Payback 2020 results: King Corbin makes Matt Riddle’s infidelity kayfabe

Perhaps sensing that fans weren’t interested enough in the Matt Riddle/King Corbin feud, this afternoon WWE directed Corbin to tweet this:

I’m presuming it was a group decision and not Corbin going rogue, as it happened while everyone was at the Amway Center in Orlando for tonight’s Payback PPV. And because Riddle was asked about it before his match with the King.

That face Riddle makes is because Corbin was referencing the extramarital affair Riddle admitted to as part of a denial of his mistress’ accusation that Riddle sexually assaulted her. The second part wasn’t mentioned, but the first part is now kayfabe.

What followed was a pretty standard match. Corbin attacked during Riddle’s entrance, because taking time to kick off your flip-flops is a normal thing to do after a man brings your home life into a scripted fight.

But the Bro fought back and managed to pick up a win in his first PPV match.

Somehow, I don’t think that’s gonna be the big takeaway from this for a lot of people.

Corbin didn’t take the loss well, and attacked Riddle afterwards. Wonder what he’s gonna bring up now?

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