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WWE Payback 2020 results: The Reigns/Heyman alliance is off to a great start

The main event of Payback was the latest entry in the lengthy Bray Wyatt/Braun Strowman Universal title feud. But the big story was the third entrant in their Triple Threat... Roman Reigns

The match started when Strowman assaulted Wyatt (in his Fiend persona) during his entrance, and there was no sign of the Big Dog. We’d been informed earlier in the night that Reigns was on hand at WWE ThunderDome, and we’d heard from his new advocate Paul Heyman earlier in the show.

In his absence, a standard Fiend match occurred. The Universal champion withstood Braun’s early attacks to take control with a urange on the announce desk. As he dismantled his former follower with his cartoon mallet and the ring steps, a dazed-looking Alexa Bliss watched backstage on a monitor while playing with her Wyatt-inspired braid.

When the beating took them to the stage, the Monster Among Men recovered to fight off Sister Abigail and steamroll the Fiend off the stage. After a break to recover, the two made their way to the ring. A superplex spot collapsed the ring, and that’s when Roman and Heyman appeared. Reigns signed the contract, and headed to the ring with a steel chair.

After calling for a new referee, he tried to pin both men, but neither would stay down. Braun got assaulted with the chair and still kicked out at two. He went to attack Bray, but the Fiend grabbed him with the Mandible Claw. A low blow got him free, and one spear to Strowman later, Roman reclaimed the belt he never lost.

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