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WWE says Drew McIntyre has a ‘hairline jaw fracture’

This past week’s episode of Monday Night Raw featured Randy Orton delivering his patented punt to Drew McIntyre on three separate occasions. That’s what led us to Payback, where Orton will wrestle Keith Lee and the WWE champion is nowhere to be found.

WWE played up McIntyre being injured in a big way after those three kicks, even going so far as to say there was fear he suffered a career-threatening injury. Now, they’ve updated their story and it’s not nearly as bleak.

Instead, the claim is he suffered a “hairline jaw fracture.”

Some jaw fractures don’t even require surgery and can heal in a number of weeks while more serious fractures can take several months to recover from. We’ll see just how long McIntyre is off television selling this.

Clash of Champions is just under one month away.

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