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Tyson Fury challenges Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre has been angling for a match with boxing Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury for months now. His goal seems to be getting WWE to do a major pay-per-view in the U.K. with McIntyre vs. Fury as the marquee attraction.

About that:

“Been sitting on the train on the way home after a long, busy weekend, and I’m thinking about people I want to punch in the face. The first one that springs to mind is a big fella called Drew McIntyre. Now, Drew, you’ve had quite a bit to say about me lately. I’d love to punch your face in, honestly. I’d love to give you one of them, bang, right in the lips. So grow a pair, step up to the plate. … So this is an official challenge video to Drew McIntyre, the WWE heavyweight champion of the world. I already knocked your pal out, Braun Strowman. I’ll do the same to you. Bring it!”

Considering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it seems unlikely this would happen in the U.K. anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean ThunderDome isn’t an option.

Stay tuned.

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