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Dominik Mysterio has nothing but nice things to say about Seth Rollins

Dominik Mysterio went from being Rey Mysterio’s son who was training to maybe become a pro wrestler to a SummerSlam match against Seth freaking Rollins in an incredibly short period of time. If that seems like it would be overwhelming, well, that’s exactly what it was.

But, as he told talkSPORT, he’s thankful for Rollins for taking him through it all:

“Putting the match together, I couldn’t have picked a better person to help me with that than Seth and my dad. We also had the help of our producer Jamie Noble, another man who is outstanding at what he does. So I’m nothing but thankful to those guys for how they helped me and guided me through this crazy debut match at SummerSlam. Overall, I was very happy with the match. Again, nothing but great things for Seth and about Seth, and he guided me in unimaginable ways and I’m thankful for him and what he’s done for me.”

More than that, Rollins apparently hand picked Dominik to work with. The younger Mysterio revealed Rollins was given a list of names and that’s who he chose to work with at one of the biggest shows of the year.

No big deal.

This is all great for Dominik, who is getting his career started the right way. But it’s also good for Rollins, who has had issues with his public image related to being a bit tone deaf in response to criticism from fans. This underscores that while he may not always come off the best, he’s a genuine guy.

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