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WWE announces ‘Raw Underground,’ which looks like Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport

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Shane McMahon’s big return to WWE television was less about the man himself and more about a new direction for Monday Night Raw. That new direction will be called “Raw Underground” and it is, more or less, what Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport is.

That is to say, the ring has no ropes, and the matches are presented like legitimate fights between two wrestlers who are presented like legitimate fighters.

The setting is a dingy warehouse looking area converted into an underground fight club, complete with dancers in skimpy clothing. McMahon was the emcee for all this, saying it combines many things he loves to see.

As of this writing, it’s unclear just how much of this we’re going to get, or who exactly is going to be involved, whether it be new wrestlers or members of the current roster, or even what exactly the rules for all this are.

Stay tuned.

Update: Erik of The Viking Raiders worked a match on Raw, where he absolutely pummeled his opponent.

Update two: Dolph Ziggler also worked a match, and he also won.

Update three: The Hurt Business showed up and took over, claiming they now run the show. Shane McMahon welcomed them to come back anytime.