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WWE spoils their own show, announces faction will cause chaos on Raw

UPDATE: WWE has gone ahead and started promoting this angle on their website. So much for a shocking debut a la Nexus or The Shield.

A new faction is coming to Raw tonight has learned that a new faction is arriving on Raw tonight.

The Superstars comprising this faction have yet to be revealed, but rumblings around the WWE Performance Center say that the group is out to cause chaos and shake up the organization’s structure.

ORIGINAL: Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin has a report about chaos and the Aug. 3 Raw... but this time it’s planned, kayfabe chaos.

Satin has the broad strokes of the angle, which will see the debut of a new faction that will wreak havoc on the show. Sources specified this isn’t a political or current events-based storyline. Instead, the group wants to get management’s attention “in an effort to loosen control over WWE Superstars and change the way the organization operates.”

The ‘Reality’ Era, everybody!

The identities of the faction’s members won’t be revealed right away and “are being kept close to the vest by upper brass.”

It’s unclear whether the return of Shane McMahon is related to this angle or not. But running a program about changing the company with a McMahon at the helm would be very on brand for Vince.

We’ll see what happens tonight. Our live blog will have all the details.

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