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Big E squashes his beef with Miz on Talking Smack, gets Sheamus at Payback

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WWE’s started to get behind the idea of a Big E singles run in some interesting ways. After beating Sheamus in singles action, he spoke some truth to Miz, then pinned The A-Lister in a trios match on SmackDown last night (Aug. 28).

E will try to keep to maintain momentum by going 2 - 0 against Sheamus at Payback tomorrow.

The match was confirmed on the same show where The New Day-er and Miz had their war of words last week - on WWE Network’s Talking Smack.

Despite WWE’s announcement that Xavier Woods would host the blue brand after-show with Kayla Braxton, Miz was once again at the desk for Talking Smack on this morning’s episode. E was their final guest, and he was all business from the start.

The two men mentioned a conversation they had off camera, and Miz expressed an interest in learning about how his comments from last week were off base. E said it wasn’t his responsibility to educate Miz, but he would share his perspective.

Their discussion this week did not mention Kofi Kingston or anything to do with Kofi’s 2019 WWE title run. Instead, it focused on the belief that E has to “get serious” to find success as a solo act. Miz brought up how he wasn’t taken seriously until he dropped the persona he brought to wrestling from MTV and used on “The Dirt Sheet” with John Morrison. He also used Kevin Owens and the way he started wearing suits during his Universal title run as another example.

E delivered an impassioned speech where he told Miz and everyone else to have faith in him. The New Day created something “beautiful” because they used their intuition in deciding how to present themselves. He’s going to do the same thing as a singles wrestler. He won’t be goofy every week, but based on what he’s done with his career to date, people should trust him to know when to get serious.

It’s a great promo and worth watching, especially if you’re at all interested or invested in a Big E push. He ties it into New Day’s social justice efforts, and if that’s not a babyface act you can get behind, I don’t know what to tell you*.

That led into the announcement of the Sheamus match tomorrow, and one that Woods will finally be hosting Talking Smack next week. E said he welcomes the opportunity to defeat another WWE World champ (including pinning the man sitting next to him at the time).

Whether E and Miz’s heated conversation on the Aug. 21 Talking Smack was a work or a shoot, it certainly seems like WWE is eager to put it in the rearview.

Now we’ll see how serious they are about pushing our man Large Epsilon. If they watch the heart he poured into his promo on the latest Talking Smack, I don’t see how they couldn’t be behind him 100%.


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* But I’m sure you’ll comment, tweet at, and email me about how I’m an SJW beta cuck or whatever. To which my response is...

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