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Chris Jericho & WWE reportedly reach trademark deal

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AEW’s Chris Jericho and his former bosses at WWE have come to a deal on trademarks. It gives the company rights to terms & concepts Jericho came up with during his time under contract to WWE. In return, he’s free and clear to use the kayfabe name (Jericho’s legal name is Chris Irvine) he’s used going since the 1990s, most notably in his pre-WWE runs with WCW & ECW.

This according to a report in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, where Dave Meltzer writes:

“WWE and Chris Jericho have reached a trademark agreement. WWE agreed to give Jericho the rights to use the name in exchange for Jericho giving WWE the rights to own the intellectual property of anything created by either of them (perhaps a key being Money in the Bank since it was Jericho’s idea) while he was with the company. Jericho wouldn’t be able to use the term Y2J or any of the trademarks of his other characters in WWE. He could have used Jericho anyway based on prior usage but this is WWE acknowledging it.”

Jericho recently said on one of his Saturday Night Special streaming shows that he was moving away from the “Y2J” moniker anyway, as it represented his past and he was focused on the future. Given that WWE likely couldn’t stop him from calling himself Chris Jericho, this strikes me as two parties that respect one another (and who will likely want to do business again in the future) formalizing an agreement they both already understood.

It’s just good business, maaaan*.

* Can I say that? Or does WWE own it?

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