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Undertaker confirms he’s retired... for now

The topic of Undertaker’s retirement has been a constant since 2014, at least. WWE made a whole documentary series about it.

That series, The Last Ride, revealed that Taker chose his cinematic Boneyard Match with AJ Styles from WrestleMania 36 as the end of the road. But it also made it clear that any decision Mark Calaway makes is one Vince McMahon phone call away from being reversed.

In the comments of one of his Instagram posts (yes, the Dead Man is on the ‘gram, may your childhood rest... in... peace), a fan asked Taker if he had plans for a comeback. His answer won’t convince you that another match isn’t a distinct possibility.

Undertaker’s Instagram

Given how frustrated Michelle McCool seemed with her husband reneging on promises to retire throughout The Last Ride, I’d say Calaway picked a good picture to drop that “as of yet” under.

Anyway... what’s the over/under on when the WrestleMania 37 rumors start? I’d put it at three months.

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