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Bray Wyatt asks an important question about Wade Barrett’s WWE return

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We’ve been getting some mixed signals about the employment status of Stu Bennett, aka Wade Barrett. We know he’ll be calling the action on NXT’s pre-taped show next Tuesday, but reports are he was back on the proverbial “one shot deal.” WWE’s online outlets have been treating more like an official return to the company he worked for for about a decade prior to his 2016 release.

That’s cool and all. Barrett did a fine job during this past Wednesday’s NXT, and was a highlight of NWA Powerrr before it went away earlier this year.

But let’s get down to brass tacks. If he’s back, when will we see the gavel? The crown and scepter? Perhaps most importantly, does this mean... well, you ask him Bray...

Tell the artist formerly known as Husky Harris what he wants to know, Stu!

Word of advice though... if he offers to forgive you, maybe just call Billy Corgan and find out when the NWA will start doing their own shows again.

D’oh! Not sure this is the way to go, Wade...

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