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A Street Fight and more Wade Barrett coming to NXT ‘Super Tuesday’

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Next week’s edition of NXT, moved to Tues., Sept. 1 due to NHL Playoffs coverage schedule for USA on Weds. the 2nd, will be promoted around the 4Way Iron Man match for the vacant NXT championship.

But that only takes up an hour of the broadcast. One thing they’ll use to fill up the other 60 minutes a the latest chapter in the Breezango & Swerve Scott vs. Legado Del Fantasma program.

The newly crowned Tag champs came to their buddy Swerve’s aid tonight during his match with Cruiserweight champ Santos Escobar. Tyler Breeze & Fandango chased off Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde when they tried to run interference for their leader. Escobar won anyway thanks to a loaded (or maybe mystical?) lucha mask. Either way, it was enough to set-up a trios Street Fight for the show they’re calling “Super Tuesday.”

It’s not a match, but we do know something else about next week’s show. Wade Barrett will once again be calling the action with Vic Joseph & Beth Phoenix. This doesn’t necessarily mean Barrett is sticking around, or that Mauro Ranallo won’t be back soon. It just means they filmed Tuesday’s episode along with the one that aired tonight.

No matter the reason, we think more Wade is good news (see what I did there?).

Excited to hear the former NXT winner reveal a new NXT champ on Sept. 1?