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Details of Renee Young’s next project (which is still a cookbook)

A couple of months ago, Renee Young got the wrestle web all worked up by teasing a “big, fat announcement!” Lots of us thought she’d say she was leaving WWE, and maybe headed to work with husband Jon Moxley in AEW.

She revealed she wrote a cookbook, which earned a collective “oh... you” finger wag from the internet, and life moved on. Then we learned she really was leaving WWE, and the All Elite speculation will never go away now. But that’s a whole ‘nother subject.

We’re here to talk about that cookbook!

During her farewell appearance on The Bump (which also includes some cool insights on Young’s eight year WWE run, and a funny tearjerker of a clip reel of several Superstars saying goodbye), Renee revealed the title of her book and a few other details about the project.

“So I just finished doing my cookbook, which I guess I can announce the title of it here - I don’t think I’ve publicly said it, but it’s gonna be called Messy In The Kitchen: My Guide to Eating Deliciously, Hosting Fabulously, and Drinking Copiously. The book will be coming out probably not until closer to the spring. And, yeah, it’s gonna have like 70 recipes in there, it’s all foods, some cocktails. I had a blast writing it. It was really fun to re-connect with the writing side, I didn’t get to do much of that in WWE. So it was fun to re-connect with my voice in that sense.”

That’s a very Renee Young... excuse me, Renee Paquette... title. I dig it.

Not as much as I’ll dig Renee hosting her new Fox Sports talk show or whatever else she does next on our screens, but the cookbook is a good start.

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