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Sept. PPV date revealed in WWE/Amway Center contract

With Sun., Aug. 30’s Payback, WWE will deliver its second PPV event in as many weeks. Looks like they’ll take almost a month off before their next Sunday show, though. The Sept. PPV date is one of the details revealed in a new look at the company’s contract with Orlando’s Amway Center.

WWE took up residence at Amway last week, transforming it into ThunderDome. Original reports on the deal varied between whether it was for two months or until the end of October, but Orlando Spectrum News 13 reporter Greg Angel shared a copy of the contract which specifies it runs through Oct. 31. WWE can be extended or reduced with two weeks notice.

Along with all Mondays and Fridays from now until the end of October, Sun., Sept. 27 is listed as an event date. WWE hasn’t announced a PPV for next month yet, but speculation is this will be Clash of Champions. That name/concept returned last September after not being used in 2018. No mention of a Sunday in October, but there’s nothing to indicate one couldn’t be added for a price.

That price would appear to be $12,500, according to the financial details Angel posted:

Greg Angel’s Twitter

The “Tickets” section of the contract reads “Intentionally omitted.” A prior report on WWE’s deal with Amway said there would be no fans in attendance during the length of this contact, and that backs that up.

But ThunderDome’s been a hit with television audiences so far, and that was one of its main goals. We’ll see if the appeal lasts for two+ months... and at least two more PPVs.

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