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Karrion Kross doesn’t think he’ll miss time due to separated shoulder

Shortly after Karrion Kross won the NXT championship from Keith Lee at TakeOver: XXX last Saturday (Aug. 22), his boss Triple H informed the world Kross was injured.

WWE followed up with a more concrete diagnosis - separated acromioclavicular joint - and word he would have an MRI on Monday.

They haven’t shared the results of that yet, and they may never share them, depending on how they plan to address the injury in their storylines. But Kross did speak to ESPN’s Marc Raimondi, and offered his own prognosis:

“I will get the professional, educated opinion on what the severity of it is. But it’s definitely separated. I won’t beat around the bush about that. As the saying goes, it’s not ballet.

“I feel mixed emotions right now. The whole situation is very bittersweet. I think from a natural place, I’m always a very motivated individual. I’m a solution-based thinker, rather than a pity-based thinker.”

“From my point of view, no [I won’t be out for a significant period time. Due to] how I feel and what I’ve heard, I don’t know. I’m very intuitive with my body. And the range of emotion [sic] that I have right now, while it’s not what I would like it to be, for me personally, it would indicate to me that I’m going to get be able to get through this without any sort of extreme measures, so to speak. In my opinion, today.”

I think he means “range of motion” rather than “range of emotion,” but I trust my former colleague Marc’s transcription.

The new champ told Raimondi he fought through the pain won Saturday to “prove who I am,” and justify the massive push NXT is giving him.

“Whatever is going on with my shoulder is not as important to me as proving right now to every single person that I work with, every single person that’s taken time or equity out of their careers to elevate me, that I’m worth a s---. And I’m gonna finish this strong, no matter how severe this is. This is the time where people see who you really are. Because nobody could do anything for you right now. You have to stand up on your own two feet and show your worth.

“There are times in life where something happens and now it’s time to prove all of those things that you said. That was my calling [Saturday] night. That moment for me was [Saturday] night. It didn’t happen at a time where it was convenient. It happened in literally the most important match of my career on probably the most important day of my life occupationally.”

Hopefully the injury isn’t too bad, both because it would suck for Kross, and because I’m not sure Triple H & company could keep him on the shelf anyway.

We’ll find out more tomorrow night when NXT returns.

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