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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (Aug 24, 2020): The struggle

There’s a lot to unpack after this show.

Rey Mysterio said he was proud of Dominik, and Dom admitted he was absolutely terrified last night, but his Dad gave him the courage to go out there and fight. Rey said one day Seth will have a family of his own, and then he’ll understand what he put the Mysterios through. Rey said his son became a man, and tonight isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about standing together.

This promo made me immediately think Dom was turning on Rey tonight. I was 100% ready for it. I was prepared and had a whole thing planned for this recap.

And then I had to scrap it.

The coolest spot of this match was Rey and Dom doing the 619 together. Actually it’s all I’m going to talk about, because that moment must have been so incredibly special for the two of them. I’m glad that they got to share that as father and son.

Then it all went to hell, because RETRIBUTION, absent from last night’s major pay-per-view, interfered and caused a Monday Night DQ. (We’ll talk about those soon!) They just beat up the Mysterios and Rollins and Murphy ran up the ramp and looked on.

No one came to help them. No one. The Mysterios had a lot of friends the past 2 months, and none of them decided to come to their aid. What the hell, Raw locker room? What does this mean for RETRIBUTION? We still don’t know who they are, why they are causing chaos, and there has been no consistency with them.

My patience is wearing thin with this angle.

Punts and a debut

Is it bad that I actually forgot about the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever?

Drew cut the standard babyface promo after a major win, so there was nothing really special about it. If you’ve watched WWE programming long enough, you can tell what camera angles are for when an interference or sneak attack is coming, so I knew Orton was coming before he did.

They’re utilizing Gorilla position more as of late and I’m a fan. Two punts and still Drew is able to get up! If that gives us a real Scottish psychopath, I am all in. I wasn’t enthused by his promo tonight so please just give me more angry badass dudes when it calls for it.

That should be most of the time, mind you. Later, Orton came out to explain why he punted Drew. He said he was going to RKO and punt Drew to take the title, and didn’t get to do it. He kicked Drew in the skull twice because he offered a rematch out of pity.

And suddenly Keith Lee interrupted! He introduced himself to Orton and asked him to bask in his glory. He asked for a match right now, and Orton ducked out of the ring and we got a match later on. Keith’s cadence was great and he spoke so wonderfully. I am so happy to see him on the main roster.

So during their match, Randy put Keith over really well. He sold his ass off for him, which Randy only does if he likes you. It’s exactly what Keith’s first match on the main roster needed. What it didn’t need however was a Monday Night DQ in the form of Drew McIntyre attacking Orton. After the commercial, Orton punted him again backstage.

The third punt wasn’t necessary, because Drew should never have his back turned after he got blindsided. That’s something that bothers me about babyfaces in particular. The other thing that bothered me here was Keith Lee just disappearing after the bell rang. This was his debut match. Can we get a reaction from him? I am wondering how much of this was Vince’s rewrite an hour before the show.

The Rest

Bayley vs. Shayna Baszler ends in… go ahead and guess… - Shayna put some nasty work into Bayley’s shoulder and a high knee strike that looked like it caught Bayley right on the jaw. Nothing else really mattered though because we went right back to Monday Night DQ as Nia attacked Baszler when she was on the outside. So they brawl around, and Bayley and Sasha laughed at them, so they decide why keep attacking each other since we hate each other and just stare them down menacingly instead? That made no sense.

Sasha was great as usual throughout this bout. She was clutching, and at one point caressing, the Bayley’s title. And she still helped out Bayley, even though she side eyed her. She and Shayna’s offense were the highlights. I am not excited about what’s coming. There was no reason for them to care about Bayley and Sasha after a few weeks of brawling with each other.

Asuka def. Sasha Banks - I wasn’t a fan of this match. There was too much going on and it was too distracting. I get why a lumberjack match was necessary, but there are so many circumstances when this would be necessary and there’s just no consistency. These two had pretty much a similar match as last night, and Bayley was doing a bit more to help Sasha, but Shayna stopped her from interfering again with a chair and Asuka made Sasha tap out.

The facing off between the good girls and the bad girls was eh to me. The match was short and not memorable. I would have preferred a Bayley banned from ringside match. We’ll see the fallout from this on Friday.

Bianca Belair and Riott Squad def. Zelina Vega and the IIconics - Bianca Belair is a star and needs a push that should have started the moment she declared that she goes here now. No sense in the world that she isn’t a title contender at this point. It’s been 3 months. I’m kind of done with Riott Squad and IIconics. It’s either a one on one, a tag, a multi woman match, and repeat. The women outside of the top title feuds could be used better, and that’s a complaint for both brands if I’m being honest.

Montez Ford def. Angel Garza - I don’t understand why we’re continuing this feud, and it made me realize that nothing from SummerSlam has finality. Everything either continued tonight or will go to Payback. My feed cut off halfway through this match so whatever. I love Montez Ford and I can watch him wrestle every week anyway. I did see how this ended though, and man is it dumb to continuing using this woman as a way to distract Garza as if she’s more important than pinning a guy and winning his match. I’m not a fan of this at all.

Aleister Black is moody again - Aleister Black returned to the KO show and KO said that Seth and his disciples tried to make him doubt himself and he can understand how Aleister must feel. Aleister said that KO could roll the footage of his eye getting injured, and he did, and then Aleister faked being hurt and attacked KO as he asked for help.

You could tell that Aleister was very bothered by being near the steps that his eye got injured on, and by seeing the footage he himself said he’s seen a million times. I am excited to see him not playing second fiddle in someone else’s feud, I just question why any of this was necessary? It just made him look… moody. I don’t like moody Aleister. Please no more of that.

Akira Tozawa wins back the 24/7 Title - There were a few spots where people were waiting for something to happen, which always takes me out of a match. Cedric did some great selling, though. For some reason Truth went for a cover right in front of Shelton as he was looking at Cedric on the floor. If I had some hired ninjas I could go win a title, so I’m going through the rolodex now.

Mickie James is awesome - She just attacked Natalya and Lana after they tried to induct her into the Hall of Fame. Natalya saying she worked very hard on the video package of her greatest moments which ultimately ended being a black screen popped me.

Apollo Crews wins an arm wrestling contest - Sure.

Raw Underground - Bobby Lashley squashed a dude, then Ziggler got in the ring and he tried to mat wrestle and Lashley squashed him too. It pretty much became the Lashley fighting show and I guess MVP remembered that this Shane McMahon vanity project existed after taking a few weeks off.

Raw was quite disappointing. I had high hopes and a positive attitude coming out of SummerSlam, but this show made sure to correct me for feeling good feelings. Keith Lee’s debut was not so great, Shayna and Nia are playing Sheamus and Cesaro before The Bar, Aleister Black’s moodiness, Apollo Crews is bad to being in these silly segments… this was rough. SummerSlam ended up not meaning much, since most of it will have been rematched between this show and Payback this Sunday. So far, I’m just not positive about the Raw side of things.

Oh my God. Payback is this Sunday.

Finally, these DQ finishes are running WILD, brother. And they’re not just on Mondays, even though tonight I called it Monday Night DQ. Good grief. I’m getting really tired of those. Why can’t we have ONE show without one?

Grade: D+

Excited for another pay-per-view weekend, Cagesiders?

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