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WWE pushing idea Drew McIntyre could have ‘career threatening’ injuries after three Randy Orton punts

Drew McIntyre defeated Randy Orton at SummerSlam to retain the WWE championship but the feud continued right on into this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

McIntyre did some taunting, and then Orton punted him in the head. They brawled, and then Orton punted him in the head again. Later, McIntyre interfered in Orton’s match against Keith Lee, was being interviewed backstage, and Orton snuck up on him, attacked him, and punted him yet again.

That’s three punts in one night.

Considering the way WWE built that punt over the past few months, what with Orton taking out so many different Legends/wrestlers with it, it makes sense for WWE to play up possible injury to McIntyre. They’ve cranked that up to 11.


As reported by Charly Caruso on Raw, medical staff were fearful of a skull fracture and potential brain bleeding to Drew McIntyre after Randy Orton delivered three vicious punts to the WWE Champion earlier in the night. The medical officials did also express concern the injuries could potentially be career-threatening.

McIntyre was eventually loaded into an ambulance and transported to a local medical facility for further testing.

Orton will wrestle Keith Lee at Payback while McIntyre sells his injuries.

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