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Keith Lee debuted on Raw during a Randy Orton promo

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If you were wondering how WWE would bring Keith Lee to Monday Night Raw, that question was answered this evening when the former NXT champion interrupted a Randy Orton promo.

Orton was in the middle of talking about being the best wrestler alive and running down Drew McIntyre when Lee’s music hit. He greeted Orton and offered him the opportunity to “bask in my glory.”

That got a smile.

Lee challenged Orton to a match and Randy did the old bit where he acted like he would accept but ultimately declined. To be more accurate, he said “maybe later.” After a commercial break, WWE booked that match for later on this evening.

Even pending the outcome of that match, WWE chose to bring its latest call up to the main roster interrupting one of its top stars.

Good news for him?

Stay tuned.

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