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Randy Orton among those ribbing Roman Reigns for his shiny new teeth

The SummerSlam return of Roman Reigns caught a lot of people by surprise. But even with that, and debates about his alignment & immediate re-entry into the Universal title picture, one thing stood out.

The Big Dog had new fangs.

As with any and all medical procedures, Reigns’ decision is entirely his own, and we respect that. But “man suddenly shows up with new teeth” is also funny, as the pop culture references folks were pulling up on social media to rib Big Uce demonstrate.

Among those doing the ribbing? Ya boy Randall Keith...

... and Romey’s network...

We really are glad you’re back, Big Dog (many of us, anyway). But we razed Cena about his combover, and those veneers are fair game, too.

UPDATE: Roman bites back!

UPDATE 2: Instagram Orton is SAVAGE...

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You heard it folks...straight from the horses mouth

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