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WWE SummerSlam 2020 results, recap, reactions: His yard again


Okay let me calm down. Let’s talk about the main event.

One year ago, we all saw the Fiend’s first entrance, and it was magical. The ThunderDome made it even more special this time around.

So they did the usual Fiend stuff. He kicked out at 1, he brought back the toolbox (we all remember Hell in a Cell), but Braun had his number mostly at every step. They went back to the Gorilla position and fought, Fiend put Braun through some walls, and still, both were blown up a bit. Braun grabbed a box cutter and exposed the boards under the mat, Fiend hit a couple of Sister Abigails and won back the title. No Alexa Bliss interference, no shenanigans.

And then, he returned.

Roman Reigns speared the hell out of the Fiend, speared the hell out of Braun, and said “I made you! You ain’t a monster unless I’m here!” He beat the shit out of Braun with a chair, Rollins style, and speared Fiend again, saying “You’re just a freak in a mask.” I would have advised against that, but semantics.

I wish so badly that this feud was booked better, because the match that they had deserved it. Braun is the beast that could have been the Fiend’s arch nemesis but it got too over the top. With Roman back, I couldn’t tell you where this is going. He attacked both men, and had some much needed and delicious aggression. And muscles. Very sculpted muscles. Quarantine has been kind to Roman Reigns.

I cannot wait for SmackDown.


Never saw it coming

Randy played his expert mind games to try and make Drew slip up. I don’t remember the last time I saw so many RKO attempts at the start of a match.

He started by toying with McIntyre, sliding out of the ring so he could get the smile off the Scotsman’s face. Neither RKO attempts were successful, but McIntyre got some offense in before Orton took control again with multiple table spots. Back in the ring both men attacked each other’s knees and McIntyre hit a beautiful spinebuster.

They wore each other out and Orton hit the DDT setting up the punt, but McIntyre powerbombed him and missed the Claymore Kick and Orton tried an RKO but McIntyre pinned him with a backslide.

No one saw it coming, as the slogan for this year’s show states. That was a weird finish. The punt set up looked a little awkward and the backslide pin just… happened. The story both men were telling was great! The finish didn’t really live up to it. Drew’s whole thing leading up to this was that Randy would see the Claymore coming. Something tells me we’re not done with these two yet.

No RETRIBUTION here, either.

Fake friends

Bayley and Asuka brought the aggression.

She snapped Asuka’s neck over the middle rope, suplexed her, and hit a nasty reverse chinlock. Asuka kicked out of a Bayley-to-Belly and did her wonderful hip attack twice. Bayley responded with a shinbreaker on the apron, and had a cross armbar locked in, when Sasha trash talked her and Asuka kicked her out of the way. Banks got on the apron as Asuka went for another hip attack and Bayley moved out of the way just in time for her bestie to take the move, and schoolboyed Asuka for the win.

I really liked that Sasha didn’t play much of a role during the match. She “took the bullet” to allow Bayley to roll Asuka up, but she by no means helped Bayley. I expected attacks while the ref didn’t see but none of that happened. Both Bayley and Asuka brought their A game and we saw Bayley get her submission on. Asuka is and always will be the best at the hip attacks.

Not sure what the point was of her coming out for her second match as if the first one never happened though. And if you thought Bayley brought the aggression, whew boy did Sasha! Let’s talk about THAT POWERBOMB! OW! My bell would have been ringing right there. Sasha attempted a frog splash but Asuka moved out of the way. Asuka hit a missile dropkick and almost got Sasha, but then the two traded Asuka Locks and Bank Statements in a nice transition. Bayley got up on the apron, and Sasha sidestepped, but Bayley did too. Sasha went for another Bank statement, and Asuka again transitioned into the Asuka Lock and won back the title.

I was 1-2 on my predictions. I thought Asuka would win both titles, not thinking WWE would go back to Sasha being unhinged and jealous of Bayley so quickly. I would have liked to see both women try and win their titles back and make it even more competitive. We know Sasha will be back to side eyeing Bayley and I am eager to see the follow up to this, since Bayley didn’t take one for the team like Sasha did. Maybe Corey Graves was right after all?


The Rest

Seth Rollins def. Dominik Mysterio - Dominik is a story teller who can execute some decent moves. He had a gutsy performance. He did the moves of both fathers, Rey and Eddie Guerrero. His first frog splash was actually good! And he executed a really nice leg sweep through a table. Throughout this bout, Rey tried to get involved and Dom would tell him no. Seth is the one to introduce weapons, like the bastard he is, and there are some more nasty kendo stick shots between both men.

So Seth brought handcuffs out and decided to handcuff Rey instead. Rey’s wife came out to plead with him and Seth started going up to her and Dom had enough. He threw Murphy over the barricade and Rollins into the steps. The 619 connected and Dom went for another frog splash, but Rollins got his knees up and hit the curb stomp to win.

Take some notes, Pat McAfee.


Mandy Rose def. Sonya Deville - I’m not a detractor of Mandy Rose at all, but I have to say I haven’t liked her more than I have in this match. This was the most aggression I’ve seen from her. No DQ stipulation added extra Fire and Desire. I’m sure that enough knees connecting with someone’s face can rock them, but I kind of hoped for a bigger finish. They didn’t utilize the tools as much as I expected for the amount of aggression they showed.

I wish Sonya the best during her time off. I know that she certainly deserves it after her terrifying experience last week. I’m sad that she’ll be gone though. She was a consistent highlight for SmackDown right when the PC era started. Hopefully we get a surprise Royal Rumble return.


Street Profits def. Andrade and Angel Garza - The Solo cup pyro was awesome. Get you someone who looks at you the way Zelina did when Garza ripped his pants off. Garza and Andrade worked over Montez and even did that old Del Rio stomp and made it make sense! I forget how great the Street Profits are as a tag team. Montez is the high flying flippy guy and Dawkins is the hot tagging power guy.

Andrade and Zelina don’t have anyone to blame but themselves for this loss. No one turned on anyone here, but I find it hard to believe that it won’t be happening very soon.

And oh yeah, no RETRIBUTION.

SummerSlam was a really good show!

Two quick points to hit before I reveal my grade. One - ThunderDome was much better for the pay-per-view. I felt more engagement from the digital fans, and there was some really nice overhead shots showing the whole production that gave me that “wow this all looks unbelievably expensive” feeling. Two, and I think you know where I’m going if you noticed the trend in my recap - WHERE WAS RETRIBUTION?

How incredibly dumb that the anarchist group did not cause a lick of chaos and terror during the largest opportunity to do so in their short existence? They were mentioned multiple times, even given a video package, and were nowhere to be found. I mean come on. No cinderblocks through one window, no overturned car, no spray paint or chainsaws? Nothing? Stupid.

Grade: B+

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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