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WWE SummerSlam 2020 results: Randy Orton never saw it coming

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Randy Orton has been tearing through old timers and Hall of Famers in his latest bit of Legend killing. He figured, what with everything he’s accomplished, it’s time to go after the WWE championship again.

That led him here, to SummerSlam at the Amway Center in Orlando, and a date with Drew McIntyre.

The match was physical but was missing something. The brutality Orton displayed all throughout the lead up to this match was MIA, and while both men bled at some point in the match, it didn’t live up to the talk before it.

Then, the finish.

Orton lined up for a punt after gearing up for the RKO, but McIntyre saw it coming and countered with a powerbomb. Then he set up for the Claymore Kick but Orton ducked out of the way. He tried to answer back with the RKO but the champ countered that into a backslide for the pinfall.

That was it.

Orton — wait for it — never saw it coming.

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