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WWE SummerSlam 2020 results: Of course Seth Rollins beat Dominik Mysterio


Dominik Mysterio’s first official match in WWE took place at tonight’s (Sun., Aug. 23, 2020) SummerSlam pay-per-view (PPV) at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. Seth Rollins was his opponent, and it was a Street Fight.

You would think that would mean his father, Rey, who was the basis of all this, considering Rollins literally took his eye out at the last PPV, would get involved. But they explained that away earlier in the evening, with Dominik insisting on fighting this battle alone.

Much of the early part of the match was spent on Rollins slowly working over Dominik and taunting Rey, who was ringside despite his agreeing not to jump in and help his son. Dom would wave his dad off, take more punishment, find an opening for a brief comeback, then take more punishment.

On and on it went.

Finally, Rey was pleading with his wife to let him get involved when Murphy attacked and tried to take Dominik’s eye out. That’s when there was no choice and the entire thing broke down. Rey ended up handcuffed to the ropes, at the mercy of his captors.

That’s when they turned their attention to Dom’s mother on the stage.

And that’s when Dom tore ass through both Rollins and Murphy. He ran through them both, setting up a Frog Splash that appeared as though it could get a pinfall but Seth got his knees up. That was his opening to deliver a Curb Stomp to Dominik — right in front of the still handcuffed Rey — and score the three count.

The Monday Night Messiah smiled as he left, while Rey consoled his beaten son in the ring.

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