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WWE SummerSlam 2020 results: Asuka makes Sasha ‘One Belt Banks’

Asuka couldn’t beat Bayley with Sasha Banks in her corner to start SummerSlam. Would she have any more luck trying to take the Raw Women’s title from The Boss, after going to war with the Raw champ - and taken a beating from The Two Woman Power Trip after her loss?

The challenger had the right strategy, immediately taking the fight to Banks and not giving her a chance to catch her breath. The Empress didn’t give Sasha a chance to target the knee Bayley focused on in the opener, either.

Her aggressiveness got the better of her though. A kick on the apron aggravated the knee issue, and a huge sitout powerbomb off the apron put The Boss in the driver’s seat.

The challenger wouldn’t quit though, not even after a stiff-looking kick to the head in the corner. Asuka transitioned from a facebuster to a leg bar, then delivered a devastating DDT off the top that forced the champ to head outside where he partner checked on her.

There was no quit in Banks, either. She survived a beautiful drop kick to get two off double knees. She missed with a frog splash, though, and Asuka had new life. Sasha found herself in The Empress’ submission, and the two competitors traded holds for a time.

Bayley got involved, and tried to be the same distraction The Boss had been for her. But the SmackDown Women’s champ didn’t take the hip attack the same way her partner did. She ate a spinning backfist that let Sasha go for a Banks Statement, but Asuka rolled through and cinched in the Asuka Lock.

The Boss quickly tapped, and the alliance of The Golden Role Models isn’t in great shape with a Tag title defense coming up in one week at Payback.

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