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John Cena’s Suicide Squad character revealed

We knew John Cena would leap into another cinematic universe with James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, but his role - like much of the massive casts - was unconfirmed.

We were supposed to learn more about the project, a sequel to 2016’s critically-reviled Suicide Squad that would serve as a cinematic re-tooling of the popular DC Comics’ team of disposable villains who do risky jobs for the government in hopes of earning a pardon if they survive, at San Diego Comic-Con. But that was nixed by COVID, so DC is having a few virtual “Fandome” events instead. At one being held today (Sat., Aug. 22), Gunn and the cast revealed the roster for this version of the Squad. You can check out the full list in the role call video above.

Cena is playing the character most nerds like me predicted he would. But knowing he’s playing Peacemaker - a diplomat who loves peace so much he puts on a funky helmet, picks up a gun, and fights for it - doesn’t make it any less weird.

Gunn’s team manages to make it look kind of cool, though.

Warner Bros’ YouTube channel

Don’t get too attached to Cena character, or anyone except for Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. In the comics, DC’s killed off a lot of goofy characters via the Suicide Squad gimmick over the years. By loading up his movie with a long list of oddballs, the Guardians of the Galaxy director is telegraphing his plans to do the same thing. I’m thinking a whole team gets wiped out in the first 15 minutes of the Aug. 6, 2021 releasing flick.

We’ll see. In the meantime, know that our guy Cena is very proud to be part of this talented line-up of rogues.

I’m excited John!

Are you?

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