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Judge denies bail to man accused of attempting to kidnap Sonya Deville

Martha Asencio Rhine | Tampa Bay Times

The bail hearing for Phillip Thomas II, the 24 year old South Carolina man who is charged with stalking, breaking into the home of, and attempting to kidnap WWE’s Sonya Deville, was held yesterday (Aug. 20) in Hillsborough Circuit Court.

After hearing from the State’s attorney, Thomas’ public defender, and Daria Berenato (Deville’s real name), Judge Catherine Catlin found that Thomas is a threat to the safety of the community and denied him bail. The defense requested that bond be set at $2 million - an amount they claimed was more than he would be able to pay - and argued he could be tracked with an electronic monitoring device if he somehow made bail.

But Judge Catlin wasn’t swayed; the Tampa Bay Times report on the hearing quotes her as saying, “I don’t see any way we can protect our community in Hillsborough County if we give him bail. A GPS on him gives me no peace of mind. A GPS monitor does nothing for me.”

During her testimony, Berenato identified Thomas as the man she confronted on her back patio early Sunday morning before she fled her home with friend Amanda Saccomanno (WWE’s Mandy Rose), who was staying the night. Details already covered in her request for a protective order about the break in & attempted kidnapping, and Thomas’ menacing online communication with Berenato which proceeded it, were reiterated.

Further details were revealed, such as how being in a state of panic hindered her ability to start Saccomanno’s car, and that Thomas’ internet messages included threats to “deliver” the heads of Berenato’s parents to her doorstep, and kill her sisters.

No word on Thomas’ next trial date, but hopefully this news allows Sonya to rest a little easier.

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