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Shane McMahon reportedly in consideration to replace Bruce Prichard as head of Raw

Two months ago, Paul Heyman was removed as the Executive Director of Raw; WWE’s creative teams for Raw and SmackDown were consolidated into one group led by Bruce Prichard. It didn’t seem practical to expect Prichard to carry that additional workload for long, and a new report from Alex McCarthy of Sportskeeda suggests that a change is being considered:

“One source in WWE has told me Shane is being considered to take RAW off Bruce Prichard’s hands leaving him to concentrate on SmackDown.

Other sources that I’ve posed this information couldn’t give concrete confirmation, though judging by work behind the scenes, they can believe it. Another layer to the story is Prichard making no secret about the fact he’d like to lighten his workload and he’s been struggling with the long hours.”

The report details how Shane has been more influential backstage than most people realize, so this move wouldn’t be out of nowhere.

Shane returned to television recently as the mastermind of Raw Underground, where grittier fights more akin to Mixed Martial Arts are featured, but with no rules. You can even finish off your opponents by grabbing their genitals.

If that’s the kind of creative concept that you can expect from the mind of Shane McMahon going forward, do you think Raw will be in better hands if he eventually replaces Prichard?

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