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MVP isn’t interested in a new Nation of Domination

There’s been a lot of talk of WWE potentially bringing back the Nation of Domination, or rather, making a new one. MVP was asked about that in an interview on Say Less with Kaz and Lowkey and made clear he’s not at all interested in that:

“You know because I’ve been hearing the chatter and I’ve been seeing that and I don’t want to do the new anything, you know? The Nation was done, it was awesome in the time that it was done, it was needed. You know, stars were made. I don’t want to rehash something else. I want to bring something new. I don’t necessarily, in our approach to The Hurt Business, me and Bobby, as you know, are legitimate friends, like away from wrestling we boys. Shelton is one of my closest friends. I just like making money with my friends.”

He would go on to say he asked to work with Apollo Crews because he sees a lot of talent there and thinks he can help bring it out of him. He also badly wants to work with Ricochet. But he did want to make clear this stable isn’t a statement about race the way Nation of Domination was, which is part of why he doesn’t want to rehash all that.

“But I have no interest in rehashing The Nation of Domination and while I do want to present myself and Bobby and Shelton as strong, black, male, role models, successful. We’re businessmen. We’re not trying to make a statement on race. We’re trying to just make a statement. And in our case, what we’re trying to do, it’s not about black or white — it’s about gold and green.”

He did say he loves that there are “young people of color” who are watching and want to be like them. They don’t want to be the new Nation of Domination creatively speaking but they can absolutely be an inspiration for the culture.

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