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Becky Lynch is writing... something

Also, she misses us!

As she has been known to do, Becky Lynch got the internet worked up a little while ago with this tweet:

Then, clever lass that she is, Lynch followed up with the title of her 42,000 character text. And had a nice message for us, too...

Seriously, y’all. She loves toast.

Lynch left WWE in April while announcing her pregnancy. She did some press shortly afterwards, but has been largely silent since. Fiancé & father-to-be Seth Rollins reports she’s doing well. Understandably, The Man remains non-committal on her future plans until she gets some time to figure out how being a mom changes her life.

We’ll just say... we miss you too, Bex. And we’re looking forward to reading those seven toasty volumes of your memoir. And the follow-up series on quinoa.

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