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Skype-ing with Braun Strowman for 2 minutes will cost you just $125

The virtual nature of most wrestling shows in the pandemic era means things like WWE Axxess or the AEW PPV-adjacent Starrcast conventions are on hold. But with a “Big 4” event this weekend, WWE wanted to do a little something to give folks an Axxess-like experience... and generate a little of the revenue they’re losing by not being able to sell tickets to anything since March.

So for $125, over SummerSlam weekend you can do an online meet-and-greet with one of five WWE Superstars! Don’t fall for Big E being shown on the laptop screen like I did... Drew McIntyre, Braun Strowman, Keith Lee, Seth Rollins, and Bayley are the only options.

Actually, as of this writing it’s just two, because everyone but Lee and Strowman is sold out.

Still, people are paying four bills to get turned down by Alexa Bliss on Cameo. $125 for a pep talk from The Limitless One or beard grooming tips for the Meat Castle is a bargain!

Get yours here.

Update: They do appear to be adding sessions based on demand, so don’t give up hope of getting your two minutes with Bayley, Seth, or Drew yet.

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