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This RETRIBUTION story still sucks

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw opened with the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, cutting a fire breathing promo on Randy Orton to build to the two of them headlining SummerSlam, one of the biggest pay-per-view events of the year. Throughout almost all of it, and what ultimately cut it short, we got interrupted with the same stupid “technical difficulties” we’ve been dealing with for weeks thanks to the merry band of misfits known as RETRIBUTION.

We know this because they cut away from McIntyre to a camera following them to the production truck to showcase their hijinks. Tom Phillips, upon seeing this, asked “is that RETRIBUTION?!?”

You have to love Tom for asking the hard hitting questions no one else is willing to.

They once again ran roughshod, for reasons that are still unclear, and finally there was a meeting among wrestlers backstage to talk about it. McIntyre initially led this meeting talking about how this group is causing enough issues that they need to be dealt with. Seth Rollins showed up to argue with him about who the actual locker room leader is, and they bickered back and forth until going their separate ways.

And that was that.

Nothing else related to RETRIBUTION happened from there outside of MVP accusing Apollo Crews of being its leader (which is almost as dumb as the story itself). This group so hell bent on causing chaos and ruining the show stormed the production truck to do just that, a group of wrestlers got together to figure out what to do about them, broke into an argument, and everyone just sort of forgot about everything from there. We were never told how WWE regained control of the production truck, or who dealt with RETRIBUTION, nothing. Everything just went back to normal.

Yes, this is the same group that waited until the end of SmackDown to take a chainsaw to the ropes, when the show was already complete. The same group that WWE itself announced was coming, and somehow also got the name of, when they’re supposed to be an invading faction tearing the promotion apart.

There’s no point to any of this. It’s just bad. The group is bad, the story is bad, the execution of it is bad, it’s all just so bad. Worse than that, it’s annoying.

I genuinely can’t think of how WWE can turn this thing around. There is no way to shape this in the future that will make sense of its past.

It just flat out sucks.