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Legends are lining up to get punted by Randy Orton

Raw opened and closed on Aug. 10 with intense scenes of heels doing dastardly things.

WWE is promoting the possibility some old favorites could show up on Aug. 17 to get answers, or extract some revenge, on the bad men who did the bad things.

This tweet doesn’t specify why Shawn Michaels will be on the SummerSlam go home edition of Raw, but the article it links to wonders if it won’t be because Randy Orton kicked Ric Flair in the head this past Monday.

If he does call out The Viper, you have to wonder why HBK thinks that will go differently for him than it did for Edge, Christian, Big Show, or The Nature Boy. I mean, at what point do legends stop showing up to confront a man who’s other nickname is “The Legend Killer”? At least get a bunch of dudes together! This is like when the henchman stand in a group and decide to charge Bruce Lee or Jean-Claude Van Damme one at a time in a martial arts flick.

Anyway... the other tweet pertaining to this upcoming Monday night spells out what it’s teasing. Not that you need an advanced degree in bookology to know what Rey Mysterio would want after we all saw Seth Rollins & Murphy use kendo sticks to turn his son Dominik into hamburger last week.

In addition to the last Raw from the Performance Center, we should also expect more RETRIBUTION and another trip to Shane’s Underground. Mickie James vs. Natalya has also been announced for the show.

Sound worth a watch?

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